SSL Certificate Query

» SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate is a standard that encrypt communications between the server and the client.

» What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL Certificate is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer encrypted SSL communication between the server and client that may be performed in a standardized technology .

» SSL Certificate Error
SSL errors are due mostly of links to https:// were not given .

» Installing SSL Certificate
SSL certificate is installed by creating a CSR code .

» Buying SSL Certificate
It is more advantageous to buy your SSL certificate from the hosting company you are hosting with.

» What Is an SSL Certificate?
SSL certificate creates a secure connection between the user and the site .

» SSL Certificate Price
SSL certificate fee rates is divided into IP services fees and installation services .
Generally priced in bulk when buying a SSL Certificate.

» SSL Certificate Types
Standard SSL, Wildcard SSL, EV SSL

» SSL Certificate
Most commonly used: rapidssl, comodo, verisign, geotrust.

in cPanel you can install a SSL Certificate under the Security menu SSL / TLS Manager tab.

» SSL Setup in Directadmin Control Panel
In DirectAdmin Control Panel you have to give SSL permissions to your subuser to create a CSR code.

» Can not Connect Using SSL
If there is SSL on site but it's giving errors during SSL transactions you have to check strong links within the site , photos , etc.Check whether the given addresses directed to https:// .

» Using SSL
When using SSL, you need all links to go to https:// on your browser.

» SSL Supported Browsers
Microsoft Explorer 5.01+
Netscape Communicator 4.7+
Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
Mozilla Suite 1.0+
AOL 5+
Opera 7+
Apple Safari 1.0+
Red Hat Linux Konqeror
Sony Playstation
Microsoft WebTV

» What is an SSL?
Secure Socket Layer