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SSL security certificate is required for secure data traffic in Internet on your website. Especially SSL security certificate is required for credit card security with the money transfer transactions for eCommerce sites . By typing the address into the box above you can query whether SSL security certificate is present or not on a site. SSL Security certificates must be compatible with all the internet browsers. And SSL certificate must at least provide 256-bit or higher encryption levels. When you connect to a website by typing this https:// in the address bar in your web browser you should see a lock image. If you do not have https:// and lock image you are in a site not protected by SSL security certificate . Most eCommerce site diplay icons and notifications under their pages about their ssl certificates. But this can be misleading. Therefore, to check the related sites, by typing the address into the above box really can confirm if it provides SSL security certificate . A Website can forward you unprotected an unsafe areas of a webpage, So it is very important for you to check whether the site have https:// on the address bar and if the site have a lock icon. Your browser with SSL security certificates process a website which you create a secure credit card transaction, provides the transmission of your data in confidence .
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